Wishes For Baby

I’m not really a fan of shower games.

In fact, the only shower game I actually enjoy is the one where you get a clothespin (or a fake diamond ring, if it’s a bridal shower) and you can’t say certain words, and if you do, or you catch someone you can steal their pin/ring. Whoever has the most at the end of the party wins. You know the one.

Obviously this game appeals to me because it’s an actual competition, and I don’t like losing.

The rest? Sure, I can get behind the “how big is her belly, let’s wrap it with toilet paper” thing, or maybe even the “smell this mystery baby food, and guess what it is” game. Anything other than that, though, and it might as well be an unemployment seminar full of ice breakers.

Also, I think if I ever handed my Grandmother a diaper full of melted chocolate, she’d fall out of her chair.

So, for my cousin Katherine’s baby shower — which is today, btw! — we decided not to play a lot of games. Just a little bit of Bingo, and the aforementioned clothespin game. So I pulled together some prizes (90% were regifted, if we’re being honest — people keep giving me vanilla-scented things, which make me want to punch myself in the face, but they’re usually really nice, so I keep them and hope I need a few shower prizes or secret santa gifts down the road) wrapped them up, and called it a day.

But enough about the stuff five lucky people get to go home with.

I also found a little project on Pinterest I wanted to recreate for my cousin (and really, her baby girl) to take home after the party.

Everyone can fill out a card with their hopes and wishes for Baby S, and they (super conveniently) fit into an 8×8 photo album that Katherine can take home after the party.

(In an effort to give our prehistoric printer a break, I had them printed at FedEx, and then just cut them down myself with the dreaded xacto knife a few days ago.)


4 thoughts on “Wishes For Baby

  1. not the kind of shower games I first thought!

    “how long can I keep my eyes closed before I totally lose my sense of direction”
    “bellybutton waterfall”
    and the always thrilling
    “shampoo or spider?”

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