Babies & Birthday Parties

Over the weekend, Mike and I hosted my best friend’s baby’s second birthday party.

A few observations:

1) Toddlers are hilarious, and will do anything for a laugh.

2) Throwing a party for a wee one is great — my house was clean, the food was put away, I was into some sweatpants (and out of my bra), and on the sofa with a dvr’d Dateline by 7:45.

3) A two-year-old can’t really grasp the concept of a Sit ‘N Spin, but adults will not hesitate to laugh at it’s name, and quietly make inappropriate jokes.

4) Footie pajamas and tile floors are an accident waiting to happen.

5) Our first floor makes a perfectly placed and circular baby track. And babies love to run/be chased in circles. Shades of our future.

I tried a few new recipes for the party — Buffalo Chicken, and Spinach Artichoke dips, and a pasta salad I invented (because I’m awesome). I also made my own Thomas the Tank Engine cupcake toppers with some confetti, toothpicks, and super glue.

… and then I neglected to take any photos of the birthday boy. But you can see his adorable face on his party invitation (which I also made — best. aunt. ever.)



5 thoughts on “Babies & Birthday Parties

  1. Your table was beautiful and the pasta salad looks awesomely delicious. Yum! You are not only the best aunt ever — best daughter ever too! Love you.

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