I Have a Problem

I own a lot of movies. I honestly don’t know how many. Mike had his fair share too, so when we got together our collection got a little out of control.

And now, thanks to our local Blockbuster going out of business, it’s steadily growing.

Which is a problem, because we barely have room for the movies we already had.






4 thoughts on “I Have a Problem

  1. I had the same problem, but I put all of mine into one of those CD cases that holds 200ish CDs, so now they take up so much less space and made room for all of my other crap!

    • We used to have them stored that way — but when we moved our new house had some built-ins in the family room. Mike’s going to try to replace them with adjustable shelves so we can use up more of the space and actually put everything on a shelf (and not stacked all over the place).

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