The Artist Formerly Known As Mike

Long story short — tattoos are happening this weekend. Much to my poor mother’s dismay.

Her exact words were, “when are you going to stop defacing your body?!”

I told her, I’m just decorating it. Like a Christmas tree. Or a bedazzler.

Plus all my tattoos are so small and well concealed, no one even knows they’re there. People with real tattoos would probably argue mine don’t even count.


I’m helping my bff on her final design — which is flattering, and I mentioned it to my husband this morning — and it turns out he’s been consulting with her too. This is the email he just sent my way:

“Well based on our conversation I think she’s looking for something like this, to go across her back. Like shoulder to shoulder.”

Hottest. Tattoo. Ever.

Also, this is going up on the mantle.


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