Now We’re Cookin’

Mike & I decided when we bought our house almost two years ago, that every year we’d replace one major appliance instead of getting each other a lot of Christmas presents. That way we don’t have to spend a fortune, and in about five or six years, everything will be brand new.

We started with the dishwasher last year after we noticed rust stains on our dishes right after we moved. Turns out the racks in the dishwasher were rusted all over the place, so we could only use certain places to put our dishes. And (who knew?!) those racks cost around $200 each to replace, so we decided to just replace the whole shebang.

This year we weren’t going to get anything — thanks to my joblessness, and our fertility bills — but, we’re suckers for a good deal, and made the happy mistake of going to Home Depot on Cyber Monday and up and decided to buy a new oven.

That was November 28.

First the oven was backordered (obviously, because it was a great deal) so they told us it would be here the week before Christmas.

The day before it was supposed to be delivered, they called back and said it was super-duper backordered, and we could expect it right before New Years.

And then they came, brought our oven, and pulled out the old one — then told us they couldn’t install it until we had someone come out and fix our gas line. And so they loaded up the new oven, and took it with them when they left.

So then I played phonetag with a plumber for a week, and finally got someone to come out Friday morning to do what needed doing.

And so this morning, we (finally!) got our new oven.

I’m planning on cooking up a storm, and maybe making this, or these, or this.

And, yes — we own humping pig salt & pepper shakers. Because when you see humping pig salt & pepper shakers in a Jamaican gift shop, you buy them.


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