2011: A Year In Review

There were birthdays (the big 3-0 for both of us) and babies (not ours, we’re still working on it — here’s to babies everywhere in 2012).

Crafts galore (this just in!! I got my 100th Etsy order this week!! What, what?!!)

My dogs are adorable, I love Britney (don’t judge me) and dominos (which counteracts the Britney, I think, so there).

I love food, and I cooked all sorts of deliciousness this year.

Our pool turned neon green, and then it snowed in October (weird).

We went to California and Kansas for awesome weddings.

Being unemployed means I’m getting really good at doing my own nails.

Mike & I made the world’s greatest robot costume.

My Christmas decorations are so pretty (and still up, for at least another week).

We celebrated our second wedding anniversary by chugging Nyquil, ordering takeout, and watching Spies Like Us.

And my new 2012 calendar misprinted the month of June. Womp, womp!

Happy New Year, everyone!


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