Can’t. Stop. Eating.


After six+ weeks of the baby-making diet (which was a complete failure — if by complete failure you mean, I’m not pregnant … and you overlook weight loss and general feelings of good health), I hit the ground running on Thanksgiving, and have yet to rein myself back in. I’ve excused this behavior by telling myself things like, “But Mike’s company Christmas party is this week, and then I’m baking cookies and making candy, and then it’s our anniversary weekend, and then it’s Christmas — so I might as well wait for January 1, like everyone else.”

I know I’m not the only person having that conversation with myself.

Also?! I keep finding things I want to cook.

Like a knockoffs of La Madeline’s Tomato Basil and Panera’s Broccoli Cheddar soups.

Not to mention the world’s easiest sounding Chicken and Dumplings recipe.

And seriously, someone needs to make this Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie immediately, and then come over and feed it to me, because I’m too fat to get off the sofa.

I need a foodtervention.

But not until January, please.


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