The Happiest

I don’t think anyone is happier we’re home than Daisy and Jake.

They haven’t left our sides since we picked them up from my mom’s house Monday night.






3 thoughts on “The Happiest

  1. The first time we ever kenneled Daisy was for our wedding — she was so sad when we brought her home, we were worried we broke her forever. I swear she didn’t wag her tail for three days.

    • That is really sad. 😦 The night we brought Matilda home from the vet’s after getting spayed was the last time she slept on my pillow. Now she is a typical adolescent (or a typical cat, really) and hates to be caught receiving any affection from her mother. They grow up so fast….

      Your puppies are super-cute, by the way. They remind me of my family’s dog Annie. She was black with white spots on her chest, too.

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