Mawwage is what bwings us togeva today yesterday.
Mawwage, that bwessed awwangement
that dweam wivin a dweam.

Last night we went to see Mike’s friend Lauren (who is awesome, and funny, and pretty, and loves pigs-in-a-blanket, so really, she’s my friend now, too) get married!

The Chapel at Powell Gardens where Lauren & David tied the knot was awesome sauce. And if you think, “Man, that sort of looks familiar,” that’s because (fun fact!!) the architect who designed the chapel also designed the church True Blood used for the Fellowship of the Sun in season two.

Also, there were cake balls and mini-cupcakes. And a photobooth.

Prepare for pictures!


One thought on “Mawwage!

  1. Pretty bride indeed! And I can’t keep my eyes off that church! Holy CRAP that looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! I don’t think I could’ve ever even dreamed up such a design.

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