Pumpkin Spice Cake

My kitchen is so clean!! I can’t stop using it!

Today I made the world’s easiest Pumpkin Spice Cake*. Seriously, it only has two ingredients. Three if you decide to throw on some icing (which, of course, I did).

Are you ready?

This is all you need:

One box mix of spice cake, and a can of pure pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling, although, I bet that would be delicious… I’ll have to investigate).

Mix those two together in a large mixing bowl — you can use a mixer, but I’m strong and awesome, so I just used a spoon.

It’ll take a while to come together, and you might want to add a few teaspoons of water towards the end (once it’s already wet — but there’s still some cake mix to incorporate).

Once everything is combined and smooth, you should plop it into your lightly greased or sprayed pan. I opted for a square, but you can really use anything. It doesn’t really rise a lot, so keep that in mind when you’re thinking about your final shape. Also — make sure you pan is clean before you start, if you’re like me, and have to keep all your bakeware in the cricket utopia we call a basement.

Also , the batter won’t spread out like a regular cake batter, so if you just leave it like this…

… that’s what your cake will look like.

So, smooth that sucker out.

And since there aren’t any eggs in the batter…

Lick your spoons clean. (Or, if you’re me, and you’re afraid it’ll make you poop your pants, let your husband lick them. Stare enviously)

I baked mine for 25 minutes at 350. It will fluff up a little, but it’s a dense, almost fudgy cake so it’ll be a little springy when you take it out. As long as it doesn’t look wet, you’re probably good.

Once it was cool — I topped it off with some cream cheese icing (from a can, because I had some laying around) and some sprinkles, because everyone loves sprinkles. Beware though — this cake is super spongy, so if you try to spread the icing across the top, it could tear the top layer off. I decided to pipe the icing around the cake, and then just smoothed out the top so it all blended together.

*You could easily skip the icing, and bake the batter in a bread pan, and voila — Pumpkin Bread! Admittedly this was what I’d planned on doing today, because I’ve already made this cake, and I wanted to try it as a bread — but it turns out we don’t own a bread pan. Womp-womp!


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