Happy Halloween!

This year, I decided to be a werewolf for Halloween.

Luckily for me, it’s daytime. Also, it’s not a full moon. So, just like a real werewolf, I look just like the rest of you. Also, I read somewhere that werewolves love hoodies and jeans? So, bonus points for me, because that’s exactly what I’m wearing!

Mike’s office has a costume contest every Halloween — and this year he decided he wanted to dress up like a robot.

So, yesterday we picked up a few moving boxes, some silver spray paint, some dryer duct, and a giant steel bucket — this is what we came up with:

Cutest robot, ever. The googly eyes are my favorite part.

One problem? He couldn’t get in it by himself, and attach his arms — so I drove to work with him this morning, and helped him suit robot up.

Totally worth it — he won the costume contest.

Happy Halloween!!



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