Yeah, that’s right.

NaBloPoMo? Or National Blog Posting Month? Yeah, that’s November. As in, post something new every day for a month* in order to participate.

Part of me thinks — I don’t have a job, so I should totally do it. Then another part says, “But, Ashley — you sit at home in sweatpants all day, thinking about reorganizing your linen closet. People will gouge their eyeballs out if that’s what you write about.”

And, luckily for you, I agree with that second part.

So, what should I write about?

I won’t know if I’m pregnant for a few more weeks (Yay! Ovulating!) and it’s not like I’m going to shout that from the rooftops too early. Should I bake things? Craft things? Do you want to see before and after pictures of my linen closet? Because that can be arranged.

*Another challenge? We’ll be in Kansas for a week visiting Mike’s family, and going to his friend’s wedding… I guess I could just amaze you with pictures of the mid-west? and towering plates of BBQ?








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