Hey Cupcake.

Last night, thanks to Groupon, my friend Kelly & I went to a cupcake decorating class at Charm City Cupcakes.

Do I bake a lot of cupcakes?


But I like to eat them.

At least, I did — until I gave up sugar (and caffeine, and dairy, and processed foods — you’re welcome, future babies. P.S. I’m starving.)

So, class included an hour of decorating tips, and half a dozen cupcakes for you to take home. Months ago, when I was up to my eyeballs in sugar, this sounded like a no-brainer. Fast-forward to today, and in an amazing display of self-control — I sent all the cupcakes to work with Husbang this morning. (When I got home from class, I discovered the Girl Scout cookies we ordered had also been delivered. This can only end one way — I accidentally make Mike diabetic by forcing him to eat everything I can’t.)





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