Pinterest Party

So, you know how I’m obsessed with Pinterest? (How obsessed are you, Ashley? Well, I pin punny pins about Pinterventions.) (also! say, “pin punny pins” three times fast!)

Anyway — I’ve pinned approximately 900 recipes, outfits, diy projects and holiday ideas in the last few months, and damnit — I want an excuse to make some of those things. (You can see all of them here.)

So, I decided to throw a Pinterest Party, and invite all my local pinning friends — so we’d finally have an excuse to make something delicious, and then just sit around and eat it.

I already know what I’m making — but it was a tough decision.  So, instead of telling you (because I think the handful of people coming over deserve some surprises) I’ll just show you some of the top contenders. Click on any picture for the recipe.

You want to come to the party, don’t you?

I’ll think about it.


2 thoughts on “Pinterest Party

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