Just Do It.

I have a friend, who is single, and toying with the idea of online dating.

Her name is Megan. Everyone, say hello to Megan.

Megan is cute, and smart and funny (usually she’s laughing with you, or laughing at you making fun of her), and has an adorable daughter, who is about to turn two.

Megan also has terrible taste in men.

That’s right. I said it.

I’ve told her this. She acknowledges this. We’re working on it.

I have no qualms about sharing this with you, Internet, because she and I talk about it all the time — it’s not a secret (unless you’re the guy she’s dating, in which case, surprise!! She can do better than you!)

Also, she keeps complaining about my lack of new blog posts. So, haha. Here you go.

She’s been thinking about taking the plunge into the online dating world for awhile. I think she wants to do it. She knows she should do it. So, I told her she needs to suck it up, and just do it today (so if you know her, call her and ask her if she has yet).

Online dating is a win-win if you’re a woman. Well, a straight woman. I imagine the rules might be different if you’re a lesbian — but I digress. Ladies, if you’re single and dating online, it will pay for itself in about three dates. I did not pay for a single dinner (even though I halfheartedly attempted to do so every time, because that’s what you do), or movie, or drinks for at least six months.

I also went on a lot of dates. I’m not bragging (Yes! I am!). I dated a lot of guys, saw how things went — and then decided if there was anything there worth pursuing. Sometimes there was, and sometimes there wasn’t. But in the process of determining what I was looking for, I also got to figure out what I wasn’t interested in at all.

Namely — guys with cats. They were usually weird. Also? bald.

And six months later, I met Mike, and got married, bought a house, lived happily ever after…  you know how it goes.

So, please. If you know Megan (and I know some of you do) tell her to just do it already.




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