Nope. Nada. Zilch.

I’m not pregnant.*

But that’s cool, baby. I’m looking forward to a few more days without all those extra hormones, AND I predicted this first month would be a dud, anyway.

It’s called, “managing expectations.”

Plus it gives me more time to tackle (toxic) projects like repainting our front door, which is about to go from gross and red, to fancy and black.

I like my doors, like I like my men.

But I feel good about October. Everyone think sexy, fertile thoughts in a few weeks.

Also, because I feel like a blog post isn’t complete unless there are some pictures? Here’s a picture of my niece, because she’s adorable, and I’m currently working on the invitations to her First Birthday Party.

*here’s hoping this will save me from having to call everyone who keeps asking me if I have any “news,” or looking at me suspiciously when I don’t drink something alcoholic. 


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