Operation Housewife.

It’s been two weeks since I lost my job.

Last week was sort of a fluke, because I was getting ready for an Arts Festival, where I ended up literally eating all the profits, but whatever.

So this week I didn’t really have anything to do — aside from look for a job, obviously, but thanks to the internet, I can do that in about 30 minutes.

In an effort to keep myself busy (i.e. not eating everything, and laying on the sofa watching Netflix/Hulu/DVR’d shows/Harry Potter DVDs) I came up with a list of chores — or as I like to call it — Housewifery.

Every day, I make my bed.  This is exceptional behavior, because it’s never happened before. Yes, I’ve made my bed before — plenty of times. But I’ve never, ever made my bed consecutively for two weeks. Never. Ask my mother, she’ll gladly tell you all about it.

Throughout the week, I do all the things that I used to get around to every two or three weeks — like cleaning the bathroom, dusting, and vacuuming. It turns out? If you do it regularly, it’s not that bad. Shut up, Mom!

I scheduled time for grocery shopping, and cooking huge batches of things to feed myself all week, along with changing the sheets (something we did regularly, because we don’t live like animals, but not regularly enough, I’m sure) and putting out the trash. I guess most people put out the trash all the time? We recycle as much as possible, so we don’t really generate a lot of actual trash. So sometimes we completely forget about it for a few weeks.

Anyway, I’m on top of it.

And if we’ve met? Then you know I’m bossy and I like to make lists.

So I made myself a weekly Housewifery Schedule. And then I printed it out, and hung it in the kitchen (so if I slack off, and nothing gets done, I’ll be ashamed and visitors can scold me). I put it in a basic frame, and hung it on the wall, and I just check things off with a dry erase marker so I don’t have to keep printing it out.

It looks like this:

Feel free to borrow that.

Also, yes, I pack Mike’s lunch.

The best part so far, is I used to have to work, and then run errands, etc. so none of these things got done until the weekend (or they didn’t get done at all) so now that I’m taking care of them during the week, and by the time Mike is home or we’re relaxing on the weekend — everything is already done.

And since yesterday I was out with my friend Ashley (Hey, Popp!) I didn’t get around to — ummmm, anything after making the bed — so I’m off add that to today’s list.

Oh, and I dyed my hair auburn, and I looooooooove it.


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