Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!

Hey! Local friends and family!

If you’re not too busy this weekend — you should come see me at the Abell Community Street Fair on Sunday!

I’ve never done anything like this before — but a friend of a friend saw a few of the things I’ve made this year and asked me if I wanted to participate. And seeing as how I’m officially unemployed (no, I have not showered yet today — but I will..eventually. I did make my bed!), I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try.

Since all of my prints are customized, I’m not really set up to sell them on the spot, so this was a great excuse to put together a fancy-pants catalog of all my prints, pricing and color selections. And since I’ve been making magnets like a crazy person for the last few weeks, I have a little something I can actually sell while I’m there (hopefully) taking orders for prints.

So, come see me! It’s totally free! There’s food, and music!  And ME!

It’s supposed to be a beautiful day, and I don’t know about you — but I’m ready for jeans and flip-flop weather.


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