Pinterest Therapy

Hello Friends.

Some of you have already heard — and some of you haven’t, obviously — but the fertility doctors have decided that my ovaries, while awesome and responsive, are still kind of lazy.

So, I’m currently two days into my second round of hormones.

And I want to murder someone.

Not only is it my second round — but it’s also a double dose this time! So all that craziness I was telling you about a week ago? Double. Trouble.

I do think it’s appropriate that this hormonal nightmare is coinciding with my last week of work. When I pointed this out to my mother, she said, “Ashley, whatever you do, don’t poop on anyone’s desk.”

Because she knows me so well.

And seriously? Today has been one of those days, when you know you’ve only got 3.5 days left, and you just want to set something on fire, punch some people in the face, and go out in a blaze of glory.

Or, it could just be the hormones talking. But whatever! I’m pissed!

So, in an effort to avoid burning down the office any bridges (because we need all our money for baby-making, not bail), I’m going to post a variety of things from Pinterest that made me smile, as opposed to seethe…

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