Here We Go Again.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m losing my job.

This is the second time in three years that I’ve been laid off.

The first time, I worked for a HUGE company with thousands of employees, and I was just a number. I loved my job, and I was really good at what I did, but I was the newest addition to my department, so I was the first to go. I didn’t take it personally. My boss was so upset about the decision from up high, he couldn’t even tell me himself (or he was just terrified he’d end up with a hysterical woman on his hands, which ranks up there with Erectile Dysfunction and Bear Attack on the list of Man’s Biggest Fears). Six months later, my department didn’t even exist anymore.

Two weeks before I got the news I no longer had a job, Mike proposed. And let me tell you, nothing really puts a damper on wedding planning faster than realizing you might not be able to pay for anything.

The first time, it was pretty straightforward. You get called into a room. They break the news to you. If you’re me, you make a joke about getting married at the Arbutus Social Club, or the Knights of Columbus Lodge. Then you pack up your desk, and go home. That’s it. You’re unemployed.

I was also heartbroken, because I loved my job, and my co-workers. I had every intention to stay right where I was, and keep doing what I was doing forever. Stupid bankruptcy.

This time though, it was…  weird.

Instead of just being told I was being let go, effective immediately, I was told they were restructuring my position, and hiring a replacement (look for jobs!). Then I was told they weren’t (don’t panic, and stop looking for jobs!).  Then I was told they were (gah! find new job!). In an 18-hour period.

Ultimately they decided I still had a job, until they found someone new, or the end of September — whichever got here first.

I’m not terribly upset about it. I took this job to help pay for our wedding, and then our new house, not because I loved it. And the fact that I’m losing it (and my paycheck) right before we start fertility treatments is sort of apropos, right?

I figure we found a way to have the wedding we always wanted (and by found a way, I mean hit up our wonderful parents for money) AND we bought a new house three months later. Since we’re not too reproductively challenged, our treatments aren’t the most expensive options out there, and if they work (and work quickly) they should cost us a lot less than a wedding and a house.

I just found out the field of candidates for my replacement has been narrowed down to three, and they’re probably making the front-runner an offer on Monday, so I’m tentatively guessing my last day here will be mid-August.

So, if you want to come over and go swimming, give me a call! I’ll be out by the pool frantically applying to jobs, and dutifully filing my unemployment claims.

Bring some food with you though, just in case.


One thought on “Here We Go Again.

  1. Sorry to hear about your looming unemployment… I have experienced it, too. I was 7 months pregnant when they hit me with that one. So, I filed my unemployment and enjoyed the rest of my pregnancy not having to work. Never in a million years was someone going to hire a 7-month prego woman!

    So, I’d come over an swim with you, but I feel it would be frowned upon if I up and left in the middle of the day to go swimming over my cubicle-mate’s daughter’s house. LOL!

    Anyway… I feel I need to watch your mom now more than ever! We are in the middle of our busy season and her eye has gone from twitching – to now uncontrollable laughter when someone’s hits her with an unreasonable request. I’m worried! Maybe you should take her out to dinner! 🙂


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