Come Pin With Me.

I’m in love with Pinterest.  I have been for a while.

Not familiar?  It’s sort of an online bulletin board, where you can create your own collections of things you want/need/love. Or if you’re me, and following my friend Kelly, then it’s more like a cruel listing of delicious foods you can’t eat because of your new diet lifestyle change.

Try it, if you’ve never given it a shot. It took me a few minutes to really figure out what I was doing, but now it’s an easy way to pass some spare time, and organize all those things you see online that you want to make/buy/eat, etc. but forget about after a while.

Feel free to follow my boards, btw, which you can see here.

And in case you don’t care, or you’re lazy, or Pinterest is blocked where you work — here are some of the things I’ve come across that I’m completely in love with…

For Inside & Outside:

I aspire to have a house with a hidden passage. Preferably one that is hidden by a giant, swinging, portrait -- a la Clue.

...admittedly not terribly practical. but still. swoon.

I love these. Mike...not so much. Agree to disagree, I guess.

A hammock I don't think I could fall out of.

I love this. Enough to marry it. But I'm spoken for.

For Babies Who Don’t Exist Yet (what? I like to plan ahead):

Gray is happening, for sure.

... also pom poms or lanterns. I'm obsessed.

For Our Four-Legged Babies:

Have you met Jake? He's quite the gentleman, and needs this bow-tie, like, yesterday.

...and if we had something like this, Daisy would never, ever want to come back inside.

… And Everything Else:

Perfect for when you need to kick some ass, like a lady.

... and for rude dinner guests.

...and you're trips to the grocery store.

...or just because something is hilarious.

What? More?  Ok.

How About Things I Want to Eat? homemade Nutella. Mouth. Watering. Mmmm.

Or a grilled pound cake and brie sandwich?! See?! Kelly is the devil!

Happy Pinning!!


2 thoughts on “Come Pin With Me.

  1. ohmahgawd, nutella with pretzels stix…brie and pound cake! its called pound cake because it contains ONE LB of butter. That’s four sticks baby.

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