Oh, This Week

Was it just me, or did this week take foooor-eeev-er to end already?

I’m officially back on the weight-loss wagon.  I figure with pregnancy (hopefully) right around the corner, the least I can do is be as thin as possible.  Mike is along for the ride this time, which is making it significantly easier to stick to the plan. But seriously, I want to eat everything.  And watching old episodes of Good Eats and Barefoot Contessa on Hulu is not helping.  At all.

Another silver lining in my eventual joblessness? I won’t be subjected to office baked goods.  Someone is always leaving cupcakes, or cookies, or candy in the kitchen, which is right next to my office. Today?  A platter of pure red velvet torture.

Speaking of my joblessness — things are getting a little awkward at the office.  Aside from the fact that I’m never included in meetings pertaining to my department anymore (ooook?), the hundreds of people who are applying for my job are starting to contact… me.  They’re using the website, or the generic info@ email address (which all come to me), or — my personal favorite — doing a little online research, determining I’m the only marketing employee and emailing me directly.

Some of these resumes?  Appalling.  But I just smile, and forward them on to the peeps in charge.

My favorites so far are the follow up emails from the recent grads, wanting to know when they’ll hear back about the position, or if it’s already been filled. Uhhh, you’re new at this, right, kids??  Because if you don’t get a job — let alone an interview — no one calls you to tell you that.  You and the 350 other people who applied will probably never hear from anyone at all.  Just a tip.

In other money-making news, my Etsy shop got a little love this week…  I added a few new designs and I’m completely in love with them, because they’re adorable (if I do say so, myself). Like, this one:

… I also got an order for a Custom Baby Name print for a little guy in Chicago named Tobias.  Which is an awesome name — but all I can think of is another Tobias…

… but I’m sure baby Tobias will chose some other career path.


2 thoughts on “Oh, This Week

  1. So I know this is a super old post, but holy crap do I love that alphabet print! When we find out the sex of the baby currently baking away, I may have to buy that from you (assuming you still make it…)

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