Million Dollar Baby

Nope, still not pregnant.  Don’t panic!

But, we’re getting there.  We finally finished all of our tests — and I’m happy (and annoyed) to report our only fertility roadblocks are my lazy ass ovaries.

So, the solution is pretty simple.  They give me some medicine, which I take for a few days each month.  I go in for blood tests and ultrasounds.  They tell me which day I’m supposed to give myself an injection (which I’m not looking forward to, at all), and then we just have to, you know, do it.

Easy enough.

Except for a few things.

1) The doc told us once we get the ladies up and running, our odds of getting pregnant are the same as any normal, healthy, fertile couple… and those odds are 25%.  Which horrified my mother.  But I figure right now the odds are 0%, so I’ll take whatever I can get.  I’m shooting for a glass-half-full approach.

2) None of these treatments are covered by our insurance.  And they don’t count towards our deductible either.  And since we know that in advance, we have to pay for each monitoring appointment the day-of.  And they’re approximately $400 a pop.  Also, there could be anywhere from one to three appointments each month.  So, sure — it’s not really going to run us a million bones…  but this baby* is still going to cost us a pretty penny.  And did I mention I’m losing my job?

*Let’s be honest — there are totally going to be babies.  I’m going to have a litter of children.   Our mothers and grandmothers are thrilled, because it means they don’t have to share one baby.  And I find myself making lists of extra baby names, in case we need them all at once.  I have three boys backups ready to go.  But it is impossible to find any extra girls names to go along with our super-secret awesome #1 girls name.  Seriously, impossible.  

The good news is, if none of it works, and we end up having to do IVF — that’s 100% covered, thanks to a fertility mandate in the state of Maryland.

I start treatment next month — and I’m not really expecting it to work the first time around.  I can’t help it.  Pessimism is embedded in my DNA.  But I’m hoping the September or October rounds will be successful.

Which means I’ll end up pregnant with triplets, and I’ll probably have a due date in the middle of summer, and I will want to punch everything.


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