Fireplace 2.0

After we painted the fireplace and updated the mantle, I knew I wanted to switch up all art we had overhead.

Before, we had a framed Prince album cover, a few candles, and (in a last ditch effort to fill the space) a collection of pictures of friends, family, weddings and dogs.

After seeing the hallway gallery at Young House Love, I knew I wanted to do something similar, but on a smaller scale.  We (ok, I) grabbed some frames in different colors and sizes from around the house and threw placed them gently up on the mantle to get an idea of what styles, color and scale we wanted to use.

We decided on a 16×20 frame for the center, matted for an 11×14 print.  We added two more 16×20 frames on each side — but the frames themselves were considerably thinner, so they looked a little smaller overall.  They were each matted for 10×13 prints.  I added two simple 8×10 frames to the front — one horizontal, and one vertical — and was pretty happy with the arrangement.

I also knew I wanted to just lean them against the fireplace instead of hanging them on the brick.  For starters — it would allow me to use the arrangement I liked, but it also gave me the flexibility to change things down the road, and easily take everything down when it’s time to decorate for Christmas.

Mike and I agreed that darker frames created a little too much contrast for our taste, and decided to go with all white frames with white mats.  Since the fireplace is cream, not white — technically it’s White Truffle — we thought (ok, I, again) that the frames and prints would pop more against the background.

And, as usual, I was right.

Deciding on what to put in each of the frames took a little longer though.

In the end — this was what we ended up with:

I started small, and worked my way up.  Both 8×10 prints came from Etsy — the second of which just finally arrived!  The first one was from The Striking Viking, and is a hand-drawn scene from Anchorman.  Because everyone loves new suits.

Anyway.  It looks like this.  Also, I love it.

The other was this Home Sweet Home print from The Wheatfield.  I wish I had more walls in my house, because if I did, I’d fill them with Katie’s work.  It looks like this:

The rest?  Well, I couldn’t really find anything else that I liked.  So I just made them myself.*

Including these coordinating wildflower prints:

… and my personal favorite:

… a little who’s who of the Family Room.  You know, in case anyone stops by, and forgets whose house they’re in.

*You like those?  You want one?  Just let me know, or go to my Etsy shop and buy one.  (Did I mention I’m losing my job?  No?  Well, I am.  So seriously, go buy something from my shop.  We have two adorable puppies to feed, and making babies in test tubes is expensive!) Enter SpiteOrFlight during checkout to save 25% on your entire order!


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