Happy Birthday Brownies

Saturday was my BFF’s 30th Birthday, which we celebrated by eating too much, and drinking too much.  She kicked it up a notch by wearing shoes she could barely walk in, and ultimately ended up barefoot in a bar, which is super classy, but it’s her birthday, so get off her back already.

Earlier this week, our friend Kelly* sent us a link to these ridiculous Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie n’ Oreo Fudge Brownie Bars, which I opted to make for the birthday girl.  Because nothing says, “Hey, Happy Birthday!  Also congratulations on losing all the baby weight!” quite like a batch of brownies that could stop your heart right after the first bite.  And because I’m such a spiteful and vindictive friend, I filled a tupperware container with all the extras and made her take them home, so I didn’t eat them all.

*Kelly is usually responsible for finding the most delicious-looking and bad-for-you recipes, and then sending them to all of us.  She’s also solely responsible for my obsession with about 15  home improvement and DIY blogs.  She’s terrible if you’re trying to be remotely productive (you know, at work), or eat something healthy.  Thankfully neither of us ever really falls into that category.

We surprised Kristina with her birthday brownies after I lured her away to the bathroom.  Before we gave them to her, she looked like this.

Afterward though, she looked like this.

They’re that good.

They’re also really easy to make.  The directions (which you can see in the link above) called for a homemade batch of chocolate chip cookies — but I didn’t have that kind of time (and I don’t have things like flour and sugar in my house) so I bought a cookie dough mix to go along with the brownie mix and the oreos.

I mixed together the cookies, and spread them out into the pan — which was messy and sticky, and probably the longest step in the process.  I’m glad I decided to follow their suggestion to line the pan with parchment paper.  Also, I was glad I got to lick my hands clean.  Salmonella who?  Nope.  Not enough of a deterrent.  I love cookie dough.

Anyway — then I just layered the oreos across the cookie layer.

… and because I thought it sounded delicious, and because their clearly wasn’t already enough going on in the recipe, I decided to add a layer of caramel too.

After I topped it off with the brownie mixture — I baked everything at 350 for 45 minutes.

They were AHHHMAZING. I wouldn’t recommend making them if you don’t have a glass of milk ready to drink.  Or if you don’t have someone you can send them all home with.  Because you will want to eat all of them.


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