Survey Thursday v.4

Original Post Date: Mar 27, 2008
(2008 status — single, skinny, still kind of dating a random collection of people.  I can’t remember anymore — it was a long time ago, and I only have eyes [memories?] for my husbang.)

Happiest moment of 2008?
My birthday with friends was pretty good.
(I was soooo drunk.  Multiple people brought those booze filled chocolates that they had left over from Christmas.  It was delicious and disgusting.  I also distinctly remember wearing a bowl on my head, and thinking 1) it was hilarious, and 2) I looked goooood.)

What woke you up this morning?
My cell phone and the radio. At the same time.  I was so angry and confused!
(To say I’m not a morning person, would be an understatement)

Who were you with last night?
Kelly & Jes. And everyone at Target. And not Kristina, because I’m an asshole, and I forgot to call her about dinner. I offered her the opportunity to punch me in the babymaker.

Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
The last person I technically kissed was my mom. So, yes.
(She’s a good kisser.)

When is the last time you saw your crush?
Today. But that’s always the answer when you have fake boyfriends at work, the gym and the grocery store.

Who can you tell anything to?
Kristina & Matt – they never judge. At least, never to my face.

Do you know anyone named Peter?
I do. I miss Pete. We were tight when we were 12.

Who is your last phone call with?
I just left Kristina a message. I can see her mystalking me as I sit here and type, so I don’t know why she isn’t answering.

What’s the last thing you said?
“Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! Hey! Ulllllllllllllllllll, call me back!”
(All of my messages start this way.)

How’s life?
Kiiiiiiiiind of awesome.

Last time you cried?
Hahaha – Friday night! Thank god for Megan Hennigan and her psychology degree.
(I know a lot of people with psychology degrees — and not one of them uses it professionally — but they all give excellent advice, especially Megan.)

Because I was drunk and ridiculous! Also, someone made me realllllly angry!
(I have no recollection of this…  Nope, wait.  I remember now.  It’s not that funny.)

Have you ever thrown up?
Like, as in vomit? No, never. Ok, yes, I have. Usually as a result of the plague, challenge, or someone’s 21st birthday.
(I have a pretty strong stomach, so if I’m throwing up, it means it was either a really, really fun night — or someone poisoned our dinner.)

Do you love anyone who last name that starts with L?
I love the entire Lawall family.
(I do!)

Are you happy?
Ridiculously.  No more twitchy eye!
(I think my eye twitched every day in 2007.  Twitchy eyes are the devil.)

Are you excited about anything?
I’m excited about Pazurpalooza on Saturday.  I’m not excited about the rabies shots I’ll probably need afterwards though…
(I didn’t need rabies shots, but I did have to consult with a neurologist, because I got a case of drop foot…)

What were you doing at 3 in the morning?
Sleeping. With your dad.

Do you have any text messages saved on your phone?
I did, but they had to go during the angry drunken cell phone purge last weekend.

Who was the last person you slept in a bed with?
That’s really none of your business survey. The only people who should be concerned with such a thing are the eleven other people who were there at the time.
(Nope, never happened.)

How do you feel about your hair right now?
I feel like it needs a trim. Or maybe I just need to do something with it. Like, wash it.

What about your current relationship?
(I deleted this — but it was seriously one of the funniest things I’ve ever written.)

What are you listening to?
Usher “Love in This Club”

Do you like it?
It makes me want to go make out with a stranger. And it reminds me of Kim Sivers.
(I miss Kim Sivers.)

Have you ever took medicine that wasn’t prescribed to you?
Took? Really? No, I’ve never took medicine that wasn’t mine. I have, however, taken some.

Are you surprised about something?
I’m surprised your dad is late. He usually calls by now. He probably stopped for condoms. Or a soda.

Is there anyone who doesn’t like you?
I think your mom is a little unhappy with me, since, you know, I’m boning your dad.

Do you feel bad because someone doesn’t like you?
Whateva, suckas!!!

Do you like anyone?
I do. I promise I’m done with the your dad jokes.

What’s the worst thing about hugs?
Hugs that aren’t reciprocated are always awkward.
(Mike did this the other night — he was closing the door, and my cousin came up to go out the door, so she put out her arm to take it from him, but he thought she wanted a hug, which ultimately resulted  in him telling me, “I just gave Stephanie the most awkward hug, ever.”)

Did you talk to anybody random yesterday?
I exchanged a few random emails via facebook with some people I haven’t talked to in years! That Steve Roblin is hilarious!

Did any particular thing brighten up your day today?
Watching Craig open his presents was pretty funny. It was even funnier when he realized one of them was herpes.
(I gave one of my old work bfs stuffed herpes for his birthday.  I thought it would be hilarious when people asked what he got for his birthday if he could honestly say herpes.)

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?
The question is not “what” but “who.”
(That’s awesome.)

If you could kiss anyone right now, who would it be?
Kristina Lawall Baxter and Matt Ripa – at the same time.

What was the last thing that made you smile?
Watching my mom try to catch a spider cricket on the steps. It was hilarious!
(That sounds hilarious.)

Someone trips in front of you-what do you do?
Find Evan and tell him to pick up his wife.
(See?  I had no idea what was about to happen to me)

Have you ever failed a class?
1999 – Salisbury University. I failed Walk/Jog. Seriously. Later, I blamed it on having mono. But really, mono was code for drinking too much and never going to class at 8 a.m. my freshman year.
(One of my proudest moments.)

Do you like cuddling?
Yes – I like to be the top spoon.

Do you go hunting?
My dad used to take me when I was little.  No wonder my mom had custody…
(Taking a little girl duck hunting is never, ever, a good idea.)

What were you doing at midnight last night?
Trying on bathing suits and dancing around.
(That sounds about right.)

What’s your favorite sport?
Volleyball. More specifically, men’s beach volleyball.
(They get so sandy!)

Do you like to run?
I run only when chased by law enforcement or rabid animals.

Do you plan on dressing up for Halloween next year?
Absolutely I do! I have a reputation to keep, and a Gary Nesbitt to beat…
(That previous Halloween, I found myself unexpectedly single, and Kristina’s husbang had to work — so we decided to go as synchronized swimmers.  We looked ahmazing.)

What is your favorite day of the week ?

Do you have Deja Vu often?
Every once in awhile. Enough to know that it means there’s a glitch in the Matrix.
(Nerd alert!)

How’s your heart?
It’s been busy. Your dad takes a lot out of a girl.
(I lied before, apparently, about being finished with the your dad jokes.)

Where’d you get the shirt you’re wearing?
Target. But it was white when I bought it, and now it’s purple. I did that. I’m very crafty.
(I just dyed a bunch of shirts, and some rugs.  I love dye!!)

Are you cocky?
Horribly! But, you know, it isn’t cocky if you know that it’s true.

Is there a TV in your bedroom?
I’ve got TVs everywhere. I’m addicted.

Are you afraid of the dark?
Dark? No. Well, unless I just saw a Japanese horror movie, and my boyfriend dropped me off at my dark, empty, creepy house. Then I’m afraid of the dark, TVs, and little Asian children.
(In college, after I saw The Ring — that happened.  And there were TVs everywhere.  I didn’t answer the phone for days.)


4 thoughts on “Survey Thursday v.4

  1. “(In college, after I saw The Ring — that happened. And there were TVs everywhere. I didn’t answer the phone for days.)”

    How about after watching What Lies Beneath? Were you scared after watching that one?

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