Hello Faja!

Excuse me for one second:

Anyway — Father’s Day is right around the corner, and — as usual — I have no idea what to get Poppa Bear for the big day.

Paper Source tried to help me out with their list of Fathers Day Gift Ideas.

So did Real Simple.

My father does not golf, so 75% of all Fathers Day gifts are out, right off the bat.  He also doesn’t drink, so there goes another 15%.  He doesn’t boat.  He has no need for stationary, or paperweights.  He’s not really into computers.  And he already has an awesome moustache, so there’s no need to buy him a fake one.

When he worked in an office, I could at least count on giving him a tie.  But for the last few years — his daily uniform is jeans, t-shirts, and cowboy boots.  He’s kind of a badass.

He likes Harley Davidsons, and not getting haircuts.  He likes red meat, and women who are not what I would call “age appropriate.”  He loves Rock & Roll, and once dressed up as Mr. T for Halloween.  He legitimately owned shutter shades in the 80s (and then he lost them, and we spent the next 20 years trying to find a pair.  Thank god for the internet, and Kanye West.)

What the hell do you get that guy?!

When I ask him what he needs or wants, he never has an answer.  So far, he’s getting a puzzle and a meal, I’m imagining a steak — that’s about all I’ve managed to come up with.


One thought on “Hello Faja!

  1. Puzzle & steak sounds rather unbeatable. However, in my case, FlemDad doesn’t like eating. He does also like Rock & Roll, though, so we’re gonna watch this.

    (No, not at my house)

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