I’m Kind of a Big Deal.

This probably doesn’t matter to anyone but me.  But seeing as this is mah blog, I’ll post what I want – athank you.

So, Etsy?  Rocks my world.  If you’re not familiar with the handmade wonders they provide — go there now.

The Treasury feature is one of my favorites.  When I’m bored, I like to make my own and share my favorite things with whoever might stumble across my collection.  I’ve also been a featured seller in a few myself, and any time anyone adds something I made to a list of their favorite things, I looove it.  What’s not to love?  Attention?  Validation?  Possible sales?  I’ll take it all.

So, yes — I’ve been featured in a fair few Treasuries since I opened my shop last year.  But today.  Oh, today.  Someone made the best. treasury. ever.

Simply called, Ron Burgundy: “You Stay Classy.”  And I can die happy.

Included in the list (AKA, Things I Must Have Immediately) are:

Anchorman Inspired Pencils, by Earmark.

Leather and Mahogany Tshirt, by Vicarious Clothing

A Ron Burgundy Onesie, by mi cielo

And because, I do, in fact, love lamp — this decal, by VSMT Designs

… OK, and this too (it needs to live on our freshly painted mantle),
The Striking Viking

(You can see the entire collection here)


4 thoughts on “I’m Kind of a Big Deal.

  1. Thanks to you posting stuff on Facebook before, I have become an Etsy junkie. I have no worthwhile art skills of my own, but I am happy to purchase the fruit of someone else’s creativity and labor. 😉

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