Mail Order Rugs. And Brides.

We moved into our new house a little over a year ago, and then busted our collective asses to get it ready.

We were lucky — it’s not really what you’d call a fixer-upper.  The couple we bought the house from had lived there for more than 30 years, and they weren’t too daring in the decorating department.  I think there were two rooms painted blue, which worked out really well for us, because our Family Room and Home Office were both blue, and we planned to keep it that way. There was a fair amount of wallpaper to deal with in the kitchen and bathrooms, but after a week of hard work, lots of sweating, and working our parents to the point of exhaustion, we had everything depapered, repainted, and looking good.

I don’t fool around in the decorating/unpacking department.  Furniture was arranged, new lights were installed, boxes were unpacked and pictures were up on the walls as soon as possible.

Most of our house has hardwood floors.  Well, half of the downstairs does, and all of the bedrooms do.  The rest of the house is an unfortunate combination of linoleum and shag carpet, which is on our list to replace as soon as there’s some wiggle room in the budget.

Our Living Room is kind of odd — it’s a huge room, but it’s longer than it is wide, and there’s a huge bay window that overlooks the front yard, and is low enough to the floor that the dogs like to walk around in it.  All of our furniture fit perfectly, but I haven’t been able to find a rug to officially finish the room.

Well, that’s not true.  I’ve found tons of rugs — but everything I like that’s at least 10×13 or bigger is crazy expensive.  I can’t be trusted with a rug that costs more than $1,000 — especially when I have two of the world’s pukiest dogs.  Also, I can’t justify owning a rug that costs more than my sofa…

So, lately I’ve been looking for rugs — just to see what’s out there that’s big enough, and in our price range (which is approximately $350).  Based on Young House Love’s suggestion, I checked Overstock to see what they had available, and I was pleasantly surprised how many huge rugs they had in our budget that — bonus! — I also loved.

Like these:

So, Mike and I tentatively agreed, once we take care of a few other things, and if they’re still available, we’ll likely go with one of those for the Living Room.  But I was still kind of nervous about ordering a rug online — what if it’s scratchy? or ugly? or looks really cheap?  I wish I could see it in person ahead of time!

During a quick trip to Home Depot last night, we decided to swing by the rug department to see if they had anything new in stock…  and we found this:

… which I love.  Totally available in the size we’d need AND within the budget.  So, I’m thinking that’s what we’ll end up with, eventually.  Of course, by the time I actually get around to buying it, I’m sure it’ll be out of stock.

As we were leaving the store, I told Mike I was glad we decided to look at the rugs while we were there.

“I like that I can see it and touch it, before we’re stuck with it and it’s too late.”
“Yeah.  That’s why I went with you, and not a mail-order bride.”




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