Survey Thursday v.2

I’m not gonna lie — this one is kind of boring.  And I even took out the super-boring what’s your favorite ice cream-type questions.  But some of them did make me laugh, and I couldn’t find that to re-post many in the first place, so you’re stuck with it…

Original Post Date: March 20, 2008
(2008 status — skinny, playing the field)

What color are your eyes? Do they change colors?
Brownish – but they look greener as soon as I wake up. Or if I cry a lot.
(The color of my eyes is still undetermined.)

Do you like what you see in the mirror?
I kind of love it.

What are you listening to?
Tommy Boy.  Shut up, Richard!

What were you doing 46 seconds ago?
Thinking about Chris Farley.
(Mike and I randomly watched Coneheads earlier this week.  I miss Chris Farley.)

What are your plans for this weekend?
A little bit of this, a whole lotta that.

How’s your room looking?
(I doubt that.)

Say anything ridiculous lately?
“Did you just call me a whore?!” I said this to my mother. Over dinner. And the answer, was yes.
(Classy, mom.)

Gym, massage, pedicure, general laziness, a night out with the ladies.

What’s your display name?
(Dukvag is one of my alter egos.  The other is Agnes.  They are both hilarious, promiscuous, and pretty good drummers.)

What are you most looking forward to today?
Staying up late, since I don’t have to get up for work in the morning.

How is your hair?
Up. A little dirty. Kinda like your momma.

Have you kissed anyone on the lips within the past 24 hours?
Lauren, Julie, Kim. And I still went home alone.

Have you ever stayed awake for 48 hours?
I’ve answered this question 367 times.

Do you like your first name?
Yes. I liked it even more in 1986, before everyone else had it too.

Do you like to cuddle?
Oh, I will show you some cuddling.

Ever been skinny dipping?
I’ve answered THIS question 368 times.

What’s your biggest fear?
Spider/Bee hybrids. That force you to go iceskating.
(Hahaha — see?

What’s one thing you have learned this year?
That I’m usually right. But I already knew that. Also, some people never change.
(That passive aggressive dig at change is a direct result of attempting, very unsuccessfully, to redate people I dated in high school.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.)

Why do people continue to smoke when they know the effects of it?
Cause they’re badasses, clearly.

Do you wear jewelry 24/7?
(I don’t understand how people wear wedding rings all the time.  Doesn’t it bother you in the shower?  Or while you’re sleeping?  Is that just me?)

Can you whistle?
I’m a melodious whistler. Just ask Kristina.

Would you ever get a noticeable tattoo?
I would.

Are you wearing shoes?
I’m not.

Last person you had a sleepover with?
My gay bf.

Last person you held hands with?
I tried to hold Megan’s hand, but she was playing hard to get.
(For whatever reason, Megan refuses to let me touch her.  Still.  Ask her about it.  She’ll laugh, and try to demonstrate how somehow the way I innocently touch her hand or knee is inappropriate.  You will disagree.  And won’t think it’s as funny as she does.  But I assure you, it is hilarious, and very inappropriate.)

Who were you with last Friday night?
Kristina, Evan & Matty.

Do you ride roller coasters?
Whenever possible.
(Sad state of affairs…  I can’t ride roller coasters anymore.  They make me sick all of a sudden.  It’s the only think I hate about being 30.)

Would you date the person who last posted this?
Lauren isn’t my type. I like my women taller. And, you know, male.

Do you regret anything you have done?
I regret the things I didn’t do. And by things, I mean people.

What were you doing at midnight Saturday night?
Watching a movie.

Have you ever cried from being so mad?
Yes. But I bet I’ve cried more from laughing really hard.

Do you like comments or messages better?
Messages, because they’re usually more scandalous.
(still true.)

What’s your sign?
This end up.

Who did you go to the mall with last?

Are you separated from any of your parents?
I actually saw both of them today, which is a rarity. I think the last time that happened I graduated from college.

I don’t have enough energy.
(Just carbohydrates.)


5 thoughts on “Survey Thursday v.2

  1. “Last person you held hands with?
    I tried to hold Megan’s hand, but she was playing hard to get.
    (For whatever reason, Megan refuses to let me touch her. Still. Ask her about it. She’ll laugh, and try to demonstrate how somehow the way I innocently touch her hand or knee is inappropriate. You will disagree. And won’t think it’s as funny as she does. But I assure you, it is hilarious, and very inappropriate.)”
    Megan was just telling me about this the other day…we had to have a long talk about good touch bad touch.

    • Yes! She was telling me, that she was telling people. And they all thought she was crazy. Next time you’re in the car with her — put your hand on her knee. She loves it.

      • @ Ashley- There is something about the way you say “Just let me do it” that I can’t stop laughing at.

        @Erinn- It is always bad touch with it comes to Ashely. Bad Bad touch.

  2. The wedding ring thing drives me nuts. My Mom in 54ish years has never taken her wedding band off. I thought I’d be the same way, but its the first thing I do when I get home. Remove shoes, rings, bra. In that order.

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