Mother’s Day Weekend

Our Mother’s Day weekend was bittersweet this year.

Saturday morning we had to say goodbye to Baxter, the world’s best dog. The Baxman was 14-years-old, he couldn’t really see anymore, and he could barely walk. I can still remember the day we picked him up and brought him home with us — he was the cutest little ball of fur you’ve ever seen.  It was so, so hard to say goodbye to him.   He really was the best dog, ever.

Thankfully, Saturday night I was distracted by bffs and babies.

Specifically, this baby:

So that helped a lot.

Sunday I got to spend the day with some of my favorite people when my grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws all came to my mom’s house for a Mother’s Day Brunch. And while it’s impossible to pick favorites (because we’re all fantastic) my cousin Katherine surprised me with an enormous Eric Northman poster, for no reason other than she is awesome, and loves me.  Now I just have to convince Mike we should hang it in our bedroom.  On the ceiling.

In a fit of pure recklessness and luxury, my mother requested a new set of measuring cups and spoons for Mother’s Day this year, which is exactly what she received — and she was so excited.  And then, naturally, she put me to work.

Brunch was delicious, and the company was hilarious, and only a few people threatened me with physical violence in an attempt to keep me from putting their embarrassing stories on the internet…

Also, there were more babies — and everyone loves babies! (We missed you, Jabes – but feel free to send Tara and Olivia down anytime…)

Happy Mother’s Day (again), Smoop!! You’re the best!


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