Puppy Wuv

That right there?  Adorb, no?  I love this dog.  That’s Daisy – she’s our three-year-old pitbull-whippet mix.  She might be the sweetest thing in the world.  Also (as you can plainly see) she’s a lady.  Her favorite pastimes include chasing squirrels and stalking the chipmunks that live in our (her’s, really) backyard.  Her favorite place in the world is under a blanket, pressed up against you (no matter how hot it is), and when she wants to go outside — usually because sees some little woodland creature on her turf — she screams.  She actually screams.  Like a lady.  She’s also (pardon the soapbox) the sweetest, most gentle and least aggressive dog I’ve ever met.

This is Jake.  Jake Sigerson to be exact.  Jake is our two-year-old mystery dog, although recent speculation points to him being a Schipperke mix?  Never heard of it?  Neither have we…  Jake is the happiest dog in the world.  His tail never stops wagging.  Also, he likes to be as close to your face as possible, at all times.  He also, inexplicably has the worst breath, ever (we call him Hot Garbage Breath).  And when he’s excited?  He prances.  Actually, it’s sort of a prancing-pouncing-skip, and it’s adorable.  Sometimes he gets so excited, he barks, and surprises himself.  We think he’d be adorable in a bow-tie and top hat.

Both our dogs came from shelters — we found Daisy here, and Jake was here.  Adopting a dog is really rewarding, and I swear it’s like they appreciate you more.  It’s also really stressful, no matter how prepared you are, and oddly both dogs’ arrivals coincided with Mike somehow injuring himself.

We got Daisy a week before Christmas 2008, and she proceeded to destroy several gifts, kept pooping in the Dining Room, and cried insistently.  And that was before Mike ended up in the hospital on Christmas Eve (and subsequently proposed the next day).  Busiest, most stressful week, ever.

Jake sort of fell into our laps almost exactly a year ago.  The day we picked him up from his foster mom, Mike randomly crushed his hand between a boat and a dock.  Also, Daisy kind of hated him, so that took a while for all of us to get over.

There was a lot of humping.

By the dogs.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a new four-legged addition to the family, we can recommend the shelters/rescues we’ve used (if you’re in the MD/DC area).  I for one can’t even look at their websites without begging Mike for a third.


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