To Paint, Or Not to Paint…

We have an enormous fireplace.  An enormous brick fireplace.  It sits smack-dab in the middle of our Family Room, and wraps around into (what we call, for lack of a better word) the Mud Room/Laundry Room.

See for yourself:

… Yes.  That is a framed picture of Prince on the mantel.  Why would someone have a framed picture of Prince prominently displayed with their wedding/family photos?  The better question is why wouldn’t someone have a framed picture of Prince prominently displayed with their wedding/family photos?!  But I digress.

Since we moved in, everyone (and by everyone, I mean the Husbang, and our mothers) have said we should paint the brick white, but I’ve resisted for almost a year.  I’ve never painted brick before, and honestly, I don’t hate it…  Well, that’s not true.  I do hate the tile along the hearth.  And the mantel is kind of busted.  But the brick I could live with.  And it’s not like you can unpaint it if you change your mind (at least, not easily).

But then today, I saw these:

(all courtesy of Young House Love)

… and Mama? She like.

So, I think I’m gonna do it.  But can you paint tile?  I really like the contrast between the brick and the mantel in the second painted picture.  But we have blue walls… so do we paint the brick in an off-white, and the mantel white to match the trim?!  And I don’t want gold fireplace doors, so those would have to be painted, or replaced.  I’m not really sure where to start.

Also, speaking of Young House Love — I’m in love with this.   I need some blank walls and about 20 picture frames, immediately.


6 thoughts on “To Paint, Or Not to Paint…

  1. Thank god you are blogging. I needed a new one.

    PS- Remember the episode of trading spaces where the one neighbor said do whatever you want but don’t paint my fireplace. So of course they painted the fireplace and the woman started crying during the big reveal and stormed off the set. I’m sure they figured out a way to unpaint that.

    My vote: Paint

    • Yes!!! That’s what I’ve been thinking about this whole time. Remember you could hear her sobbing off camera? That was hilarious.

  2. Ok – I’m down with the painting, but I did notice in all those “painted” pictures the rooms were very neutral, which I also loved but it doesn’t seem like you’re redoing the entire room. I also would just stick to white. The room in the picture is full of off white accents, which makes the off white of the fireplace fit well. Maybe you could find a few accent pieces to put atop your mantle (nice phrasing, I know) or a unique door situation to make it stand out more. I might even take the doors completely off and put one of those gates around it – if you can. Good luck, I’m sure that will be quite a job!

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