Hanging Vase DIY

I’d been looking for a cute set of hanging vases for our front window for a few weeks, and I couldn’t find anything that I liked, or worked for what I had in mind.  I found plenty that hung directly on the wall, that I loved (like this one from CB2, and this DIY from Cupcakes and Cashmere – which I still might make for the kitchen…) but everything I found that was designed to hang from a hook was either too big, or wasn’t the right shape.

So, I opted to make them myself.  This is a super-easy DIY.  All you need is a small vase with a lip around the top, some wrapped floral wire and something to cut it with.  I made three total to hang in our front window, and the whole thing cost less than $6 to make.

I started with three small round vases from Hobby Lobby.  I cut a piece of wrapped floral wire long enough to wrap around the lip twice.  I wrapped it the first time, crisscrossed it, and wrapped it back in the opposite direction.

Before I twisted it together, I inserted the hanging piece with enough excess on each side to reinforce each of the sides.  I made mine around 18 inches long so when it was doubled it was about 7-8 long.  I twisted the small piece around the lip closed, and made sure the hanging pieces were centered across from each other.

I took the excess on each side, and loosely twisted it up, away from the vase to close the space (about two inches up) and then I tightly wound it back down towards the top of the vase.  I clipped off the extra wire and tucked the end in between the hanging wire and the lip of the vase.

Then I filled each one with water, and a tiny baby spider plant I stole from my mother’s house (stealing plants is optional), and hung them in the front window (and hoped they didn’t come crashing back down in a glass & water-filled explosion.)  A week later, they’re still hanging, safe and sound.


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