When we moved into our new house last year – there were a lot of changes.  We had more rooms, more space (which we promptly filled with more dogs, and more stuff), a swimming pool, and a two-car garage!

We also had exponentially more trees.

We’ve already had the pleasure of getting rid of all the leaves (or, um, of paying someone to do it for us), and constantly cleaning said leaves out of the pool before we can go swimming (it’s a daily chore in the summer).

Now we can add tree removal to the list of fun and exciting new experiences…

We have (or, had) an old Oak that sat right on our property line, smack in the middle of our house, and our neighbor’s – and right along our driveway.  At some point the trunk split, so half of the 60 foot tree hung over our garage and family room, and the other half covered the neighbor’s second floor bedrooms.

On Monday, our neighbor (who is awesome, lends me books, and compliments my paint colors) came over to tell me that her son was playing soccer in the front yard(s) and noticed said Oak had a crack in it.  A five foot crack (that was also full of spiders, fyi).  Right down the middle of the solid trunk holding the two separate trunks together…  We agreed, that seems kind of dangerous.

So, on Tuesday, Mike & I start sending pictures to people who know about these kinds of things, and calling people to come out and give us an estimate to either take it down, or secure it somehow (because we like trees, and want to keep them around).

Our first estimate was waaaaay higher than I was expecting, so we were looking forward to getting something to compare it to on Wednesday afternoon.  It went a little something like this:

Tree Guy:  Um, I don’t want to scare you, but you need to have this taken down tomorrow.
Us:  Whaaaaa?!
Tree Guy:  Also, you should tell your neighbors not to sleep on that side of their house tonight. 
Us:  Holy crap.
Tree Guy:  And don’t park in your garage.  I think I should move my truck out of your driveway.

Mike took more than 300 pictures of the entire process, but all I have are these:

It took 10 guys 12 hours to cut the whole thing down (plus another one in the backyard), and now we have more wood and mulch than we could possibly ever use.  And we’re broke.

But at least our house wasn’t crushed.


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