Possible DIYing

Husbang and I bought a new bed this weekend – and I’m soooo excited about it.

He and I both had queen-sized beds before moving in together, and ultimately we decided to use his in our master bedroom and mine found a home down the hall in our guest room.  I noticed when we moved to our new house last year, his mattress had permanent Ashley- and Mike-shaped dips on each side, and I’m pretty sure that’s a bad sign.

After a handful of vacations and sleeping in beds that were bigger (and more comfortable) than ours we started thinking more seriously about replacing it with a king-sized bed.  Initially, I thought we could get away with just swapping it out for my old bed, which has essentially gone unused for the last three years — namely because I’m cheap, and we got multiple sets of super-awesome sheets for wedding gifts, and if we got a bigger bed, I’d have to replace them all on my own dime…

But, now we have two dogs, we’re working on adding some babies to the mix as well, and our bedroom is ginormous so we might as well fill it up, yes?

So, the new bed has been ordered, and is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.  Husbang even let me have my pick of new bedding (which was a pleasant surprise – those artistic types usually have strong opinions about color…)

One problem?  We’re going from an awesome wooden bedframe/headboard (which will be moving to the guest room for our drunken friends to enjoy.  I’m looking at you, Matt & Brian) to a basic metal frame, leaving us headboardless.  And every headboard I love costs an arm and a leg (and I’m already missing one of each, thanks to the aforementioned new bed).

So?  We’re thinking of going the DIY route.  It’ll give Mike a chance to play with his new power tools, and me to add more crafty goodness to the repertoire.   These are some of my favorites so far:

So, if anyone out there has made their own headboard before, and wants to lend a helping hand, we can pay you in pizza and beer (from us) and kisses (from the dogs.  and us).


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