Here Goes Nothin’

Inaugural blog post, what what?!

… and I have nothing, really, to say.  Other than, I thought this would be a good idea, and now I’m… bored.

I guess the problem is I read a lot of awesome blogs.  Some are food blogs, some are fashion blogs, but most of them are baby blogs (which is weird, since I’m currently babyless).  And while I can cook, and I’m no schlub in the clothing department – I’m not really sure which direction I want to take this thing.

Ideally, one day I’ll be someone’s (awesome) momma, and this will naturally evolve into a baby blog.  But, until my lazy ass ovaries decide to get in the game, I guess I can just stick with things that are hilarious, delicious, and pretty (just like me!).


2 thoughts on “Here Goes Nothin’

  1. So glad that you are now blogging. Now you can share with the world wide web the hilariousness that is Ashley Daniels Schall!

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