Fifteen Months

This month Gus mastered walking (and now running doesn’t seem too far off), got his first haircut (which he despised), and talkstalkstalkstalks all day (but we mostly have no idea what he’s saying).


Height & Weight: 21 pounds, and 31 inches. #stringbean

Likes: While Gus still plays with a lot of his birthday and Christmas presents throughout the day, the thing he plays with the most is one of his father’s belts that he found in a laundry basket. He loooooves Sesame Street (particularly Grover and Elmo), The Octonauts, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. While I hate occasionally relying on the TV, it does buy me some time to grab a shower, and get some chores and some packing done. I can’t wait until we’re moved and unpacked all over again.

Dislikes: Like sands through the hourglass, toddlers don’t like to be told, “no.” Lately we’ve seen some really dramatic reactions when Gus is told no, or we have to take something away from him. In particular, he’ll burry his face in his hands and cry, or throw his head back and scream silently before wailing.

Sleep: As long as he’s not actively teething, this kid sleeps like a champ. He’s been talking in his sleep too, which is just adorable.

Eating: Bananas about bananas, and still obsessed with blueberries. Would eat his weight in cheese and avocado if possible. Earths Best fruit bars are his favorite too. Gus can feed himself with a spoon as long as I load it up for him, but he loves feeding himself with a fork, and he’s getting pretty good at it.

Clothes: 18-24m for length, even though the waists are too big. He can still wear 12-18m stuff as long as they’re separates.

New Tricks: On Christmas Eve, Gus started legitimately walking, and now he walks everywhere. He even tries to chase the dogs (albeit very slowly), He consistently waves hello and goodbye, even if he sees someone wave on TV, or hears someone say one or the other. He also says hello (which for him is, “nehneh!”) whenever he hears a phone ring. He currently thinks fart sounds and the word “doh!” are hilaaaarious.

Teeth: Oh brother. Two months ago I was convinced this kid would never have teeth, and then his mouth exploded. The front four are all in on the top and bottom and his top first molars have broken through. The bottom molars are not too far behind, I don’t think. Tooth tally: 10.

Mama & Dada
Daisy (Dasa)
Jake (Jak)
No (Nah)
Bye (Bah)
Hello (Nehneh – we think it means “hello,” he says it whenever the phone rings, and when he hands me the toy phone.)
*Night-night (Nye-nye)
*Yay! (Yayayayayaya!)
*Toot-toot! (Tootoo, and for whatever reason, every time he says it he pokes his own belly, and then cracks himself up)
*Gus Gus

*new this month


Fancier Foyer Floor

Alternately titled: Why Didn’t You Do This Five Years Ago?

The foyer is one of my least favorite spaces in our house.

The floor was uneven (five years later, and I’m still not sure why), the railings to the second floor are old and metal, and look like they should be outside, and the old linoleum was dark green, and shiny (but also dull?!).

The uneven floor drove me nuts. The previous owners just added another metal threshold cover, so it was awkwardly in the middle of the floor.

Now that we’re building a new house and getting ready to put our house on the market, we decided to update the foyer space with new (even!) floors.

We didn’t do the work ourselves, but watching the new floor go down, I’m sure we could have handled it with a little practice. I decided to leave matching and leveling the subfloors to a professional too.

Our contractor recommended a vinyl tile product, which we found at Home Depot and I’m so happy with the final product.

We toyed with the idea of updating the banisters as well, but it ended up being way more than we expected.


The new floor makes such a huge difference. I wish we did it a long time ago, but at least we get to enjoy it for a few months.

Next up: a Master Bathroom remodel!

New Year’s Resolutions

I’m the type of person who likes making lists, and always waits to start a diet on a Monday (so I can research, and shop, and weigh in the following weekend), so naturally I love New Years Resolutions.

Get ready for some cliche and obligatory goals, folks!

#1 (and everybody’s favorite!) – Lose Weight (…again)

Only this time, I’m going to try to do things a little differently. One of my biggest saboteurs is, kind of ironically, the scale.

Say I weigh myself on a Wednesday and I’ve lost 2.5 pounds. Then I weigh in again on Friday and gained a half-pound back. Instead of being excited about losing two pounds, I just dwell on the half-pound I regained, and then say, WTF let’s eat a whole pizza.

So, this time, no scale. At least not regularly. I’ll weigh myself to start, and probably take some measurements, but after that I’ll only step on the scale once a month.

I’m also going to try to take it easy on myself. I’ve got a toddler, and a life, and a house to sell (see #3) so every meal is not going to be perfect. In the past, one bad dinner on a Monday was enough to get me to throw in the towel for the rest of the week, but (hopefully) not anymore.

I’m also going to make a serious effort to avoid all artificial sweeteners, which means saying goodbye to my beloved Coke Zero. But it’s time. I’ve done it before, and will need to do it again (see #4) and there’s no better time than January 1st to get started.

I would also love to attempt a Whole30, but I’m just not ready yet. It’s a little intimidating to think about, but I’m hoping I’ll get there eventually.

And, obviously, I need to exercise more. Lifting and carrying a toddler counts for something (and my arms aren’t too shabby) but it’s not enough. I want to get out and walk with him, a few times a week, as long as it’s dry and not polar vortex-y.

#2 – Go On Adventures

Yes, Gus and I get out of the house a lot now (something I thought would never happen right after he was born) but it’s usually to do regular old boring things like buy groceries, or run errands.

We’re very lucky to have memberships to our local zoo and aquarium, thanks to my in-laws, so I’d like to spend more time at each, even if it’s just me and Gus on a weekday.

We went to the weekly story time at our local library a few times last year, but they usually coincided with Gus’ morning nap, so we haven’t been in months. Now that his schedule has shifted a bit, I’d like to go back once a week.

I eventually want to sign us up for a swim class, I’m just not sure where to go (Baltimore moms, any suggestions?)

#3 – Downsize, Declutter, Organize and Clean This House (then keep it that way)

We’re in the process of building a new house (yay!), which could be ready any time between May–July, so we have to get our house on the market in the next few weeks.

Of course, my house is a disaster. Toys are everywhere. Piles of (clean, mind you!) laundry are routinely abandoned and picked through. Christmas gifts are piled up around the tree I need to take down ASAP.

On-going baby-proofing as Gus gets taller, more mobile, and figures out he can climb up onto things means stuff is hastily moved higher and higher, or into other rooms where it doesn’t really belong.

So I need to get organized, get what we can live without packed up and donated or into storage. And I need to stay on top of things so we can show the house if we need to.

#4 – Get Back in the Stirrups for Baby #2

Part of the drive to get in shape, is so we can try to get pregnant again later this year. I’m already at a higher risk for gestational diabetes, and blood pressure issues since I developed both in my last pregnancy. Not to mention all the hoops I have to jump through to get/stay pregnant in the first place.

Last time it was a combination of going gluten free, minimal/organic dairy, cutting caffeine and artificial sweeteners, and you know, a team of highly trained scientists that did the trick, so I want to stack the deck in our favor this go-round too.

So, if I want to be pregnant in the fall, I have to get the ball rolling in the summer, but probably start with a bunch of tests and meet with all the doctors to come up with game plan in the spring, but they’re all so busy and important!, I should probably call for an appointment, uhhh, yesterday. #pregnancymath

Happy New Year!

Fourteen Months

I can’t believe Christmas is only a few days away. I remember thinking Christmas was really stressful last year, with a newborn (I only decorated the tree, and our front window, and the mantel that year).

Boy was I an idiot.

Was I sleep deprived, and still healing from a csection? Yes, sir. But I could just sit my little blobby baby anywhere while I got some stuff done. This year I barely decorated the tree. No stockings. No front window. Nothing that involved getting boxes out of the attic, or glitter, or anything at baby’s hand- or eye- or foot- or mouth-level. He’s cute, but mobile!, and the reason momma can’t have nice (pretty, glassy, sparkly, etc.) things (that’s aren’t on the top of a bookshelf).


Likes: Climbing up or onto whatever he can reach. The music table. His activity cube. The stairs. Our bodies. Off the sofa, and onto the end tables. He’s obsessed with his belly, and will pull his shirt up or over his head so that he can play with it, or poke-poke-poke. He loves to crawl under the dining room table, a push all the chairs around the room, one at a time.

Dislikes: Sitting in his highchair a second longer than necessary. Being told “no.” He gets particularly frustrated when I don’t understand what he’s asking for, which results in lots of pointing (me) and screaming (him).

Sleep: Nighttime has been going surprisingly well, despite all of use trading colds back and forth, and some new teeth coming in. Gus usually sleeps from 9 to 7/8. He will occasionally fight one of his naps, so most days he naps twice, but lately there have been a few days when he’s napped once.

Eating: Three full meals and some snacks in between. He still nurses for naps, and at bedtime. I’ve been nursing in the mornings, but I’m sure I could drop that by now. He is not a fan of cows milk at all, but he does like cheese and yogurt, so I’m not too worried about it. He also really likes cheese curls and Berger cookies (#motheroftheyear). He’s currently obsessed with blueberries, and throwing food to the dogs.

Clothes: 12-18 or 18m.

New Tricks: Sticking his tongue out while concentrating. Waving and saying bye-bye. Climbing down from the bed and the furniture, climbing down the stairs (with help, obviously). And a few weeks ago, he took his first steps! He’s still not walking a lot, but he takes a few steps every day. He’s also been barking like a dog, whenever he sees or hears one outside, for a while now, but now he does it if he sees one on TV, even if it’s a cartoon (namely Goofy and Pluto). Talking on the “phone,” which could be anything from an actual phone, to a spatula.

Teeth: One more on the top broke through a few weeks ago, and another is thiiiiiiisssss close on the bottom. Tooth tally: 7.

Mama & Dada
Daisy (Dasa)
Jake (Jak)
No (Nah)
Bye (Bah)
Hello (Nehneh – we think it means “hello,” he says it whenever the phone rings, and when he hands me the toy phone)

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Five years married, today.

Four cars, and three houses later.

Two adorable and annoying dogs.

One gorgeous, hard-won, baby boy.

Countless hours laughing, worrying, hoping, planning and dreaming of a life that keeps surprising us at every turn.

Gone are the days of lazy mornings reading in bed, and eating whatever, whenever, wherever we want, or last minute trips out of town.

Instead I get to watch my son take his first tentative steps to his daddy, and listen to them make each other laugh before bedtime each night, and see how excited they are to see each other everyday when my hardworking husband gets home from work.

And while I change the majority of the diapers, he takes care of easily 90% of all the disgusting dog- and nature-related things that happen around here. (“There’s a headless dead animal in the yard I can’t identify. Happy Anniversary!” — true story, so romantic.)


Love you, boop!