Happy Thanksgiving!

Gus enjoyed his second Thanksgiving, and first Thanksgiving dinner — particularly the stuffing and the cranberry sauce, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and whipped cream.

I’m so thankful for this gorgeous baby, and my wonderful husband, and our amazing family and friends.


I’m also really thankful for these Vera Wang super stretchy/somewhat realistic looking jeggings, which made my second plate of food a possibility.

Thirteen Months

The first year was the fastest (and sometimes painfully slowest) year, ever. I don’t know if it was the buildup to Gus’ first birthday or what, but the last four weeks have seemed to slow down a bit. Like, I sort of forgot to post this and take his picture last week…

Likes: Climbing on top of everything, Pocoyo, Playing with his new birthday toys (especially his drums and his music table, and his Melissa & Doug puzzles).

Dislikes: He’s great at climbing up on things, but getting down is still an issue from some higher spots (our bed, the couch, etc.) I no longer feel compelled to sit six inches from him while he climbs up and down from our small window-seat, so that’s progress!

Sleep: Those top teeth are finallllllly coming through, so some nights he’ll need some extra tylenol, but normally settles back down without any nursing. We even had a string of nights where he’d nurse, and then want to play some more, but ultimately laid down and slept, as opposed to nursing to sleep which has always been the norm.

Eating: Three solid meals a day, and nursing three or four times a day. He’s been eating hidden dairy (baked goods, etc.), yogurt, and some cheese without any issues. He’s had tastes of ice cream, and cheesecake too. Next up: real milk, and some peanut butter! Currently obsessed with cheese, graham crackers, broccoli, and whatever we’re eating.

Clothes: 12 or 18m fits him perfectly (even though I’m pretty sure he still has a 9m waist).

New Tricks: He’s mastered climbing down from things feet first, he just doesn’t always know how far he’s got to go. He’s mimicking us more and more, and he’s not walking yet but he’s standing totally independently for longer and longer.

Teeth: Three of his top teeth have finally broken through! And I’ve been so busy watching those top teeth, another one snuck through on the bottom. Tooth tally: 6!

Disclaimer: that’s not a bruise, I just need a new camera lens, apparently.

Friday Things

I’m not really sure how I feel about Taylor Swift (sometimes I can’t stop listening, and other times I just don’t want to look at her face any more.) but this is perfect.

1) These illustrations are amazing, and 2) I would absolutely watch something called The Fat and the Furious.

Last year, Christmas sort of went by in a postpartum blur, so I’m looking forward to the holiday season this year (and considering a tree, without decorations? because this kid is into everything. Also, I’m lazy.) I’m excited to visit our local Christmas Market for the first time. Maybe there’s one by you too!

I’ll leave you with a little adorableness for your weekend.

The Big One

A few weekends ago we officially celebrated Gus’ first birthday with some family and friends.


The mustache/chalkboard theme was cute, and fairly easy to put together. I had all 12 of his monthly photos displayed on the mantle, which was a big hit.

Despite taking a whopping 25 minute nap before the big event, Gus had a great time with his little buddies (there was basically a pile of baby boys on my floor), and we ate so much cake, and his new toys are being enjoyed by the entire household.

Twelve Months

Holy moly. Well, here we are, a year later. The first three months, I didn’t think this day would ever get here, and then I blinked, and I have a toddler.

Gus, to me, still seems like a little baby, but when I look at pictures from his birthday last year and those first few weeks at home, I cannot believe how much he’s grown.

He is so sweet, and so funny. I know toddlers aren’t known for their sunny dispositions, but I’m genuinely looking forward to the next year of changes and developments.


Height: 30 inches (was 19.25 inches at birth)

Weight: 19 pounds and 9 ounces (5.5 pounds at birth)

Likes: Cruising, laughing, stacking blocks and rings, and climbing on top of ev.er.y.thing.

Dislikes: Being corralled. When he sees the exercauser coming, he retracts his legs so it’s almost impossible to get him in there. It’s reminiscent of trying to get one of the dogs into the bathtub.

Sleep: Oh sleep. Most nights he’s out for a solid 11 hours (usually 9:30 to 8:30), but every so often he’ll wake up and want to play for two hours in the middle of the night. Or he’ll avoid bedtime all together, and stays up until 2am. No crying. No whining. Never rubs his eyes. Just wants to play. And then after a few days of torture, he’s right back to 11 hours a night. He keeps us on our toes.

Eating: Three solid meals a day, and nursing four times a day. Currently cannot get enough peas, freeze dried fruits, and, YAY!! he’s eaten REAL yogurt several times with no noticeable tummy issues!

Clothes: 12m or 12-18m fits him like a dream.

New Tricks: Climbing. On. Everything. It’s like America Ninja Baby up in here. He’s great at getting up, and mostly terrible at getting down.

Teeth: He has four top teeth, just sitting there, not breaking through. Big old tooth tease. Tooth tally: 2.

Nicknames: Birthday Boy! Baby ninja.

Mommy & Daddy: The big b-day celebration is this weekend, so we’re (and by we, I mean mostly me) have been in full planning mode. And I’m reminding all dairy products who’s the boss around here (and will require either a diet, or bigger pants, as soon as I get some cake and ice cream this weekend.)


Dear Gus: One

Dear Gus,

A year ago today you made your grand entrance into this world, sort of dramatically, a little unexpectedly, but surrounded by love (and lots of medical professionals). We heard the doctor very quietly announce, “baby out,” to the rest of her team, and a moment later you made the sweetest, most amazing sound. Actually, you sounded a lot like a kitten, which is sort of funny, because we’re Dog People.

You looked like this:


Now, you look like this:


You cruise around like you own the place. You can climb up alllll the stairs by yourself (even though we’re always inches behind you) and you can Houdini your way out of your highchair straps in a matter of seconds.

Speaking of your highchair, if there’s food — you want it. You want it now, and you want to eat it all by yourself. You still love milk, straight from the source, and even though you’re nursing a lot less than you did when we first got started, when you’re promised some milk, you get so excited you scream and laugh with delight.

You positively love our dogs (“Das!”), Daisy and Jake, and can even say their names (“Dasa” and “Ja”) and think it’s hilarious when they bark (you bark with them “ra-ra-ra-ra-ra!”), or shake, or chase their tails. You used to poke or pull their fur, but now you pet them (sort of) gently, just like mommy and daddy.


You can say “mama,” “dada,” and you’ve said “hi!” and “uh-oh!” once, and only once. You say a lot of other things that mean nothing to us, but obviously mean something to you. But we’ll figure it out eventually, I’m sure.

You love Mater’s Tall Tales, knocking over blocks, pulling anything off shelves, and pushing your lion walker through the house. You love to crawl away so we chase you, but stop periodically to wave over your shoulder and to make sure we’re following you (otherwise, what’s the point?). You’re obsessed with shoes and empty boxes, and will chew up all the junk mail if I leave it within your grasp. If music is playing, you’re bouncing, dancing, and shaking that booty.

You have crazy, weird hair, that sticks up at odd angles, no matter what I do. You have your Mommy’s dimples, and your Daddy’s toes. You have big, bright, mischievous eyes, but no one can seem to agree what color they are. They’re not blue, or brown, or green. They’re a little bit of everything, and seem to change daily.


You only have two teeth, but the Internet assures me that’s totally normal, and you can still eat whatever you want, so don’t let all those other kids with all their teeth get you down. You earned those two teeth, and you use them to chomp-chomp-chomp on everything.

You sleep …with us. It wasn’t the plan, it just sort of happened, because mommy was exhausted and you were a cuddlebug. If you’re not snuggled up with one of us, you’re simultaneously pushing both of us out of bed, and taking up the whole king-sized mattress by yourself, which is pretty impressive for someone who’s only two and a half feet tall. But, for the most part, we sleep a lot so I’m not complaining. On more than one occasion, you’ve slapped me in the face, and called me mama (which I always assumed was just an expression) when it was time to wake up.

We waited so, so long for you to get here. This last year (and the years before you were born) were so long in the making, but now, it’s like you’ve always been here. You made our family complete, and it’s almost impossible to remember what life was like before you.


Happy Birthday, little man! The first year of your life has been the best year of our lives!

Love, Mama and Dada