Happy Easter, Everyone!

While he didn’t cry at the site of a giant bunny, he DID scream at me for several hours afterward.

Ahhh, wonder weeks + separation anxiety + probable teething. You all make me want to rip my hair out.

But I digress! Cute baby alert!


He wouldn’t smile for the camera until I stood behind it, and pretended to sneeze (which he thinks is HILARIOUS). That was after trying everything else, including dancing a damn jig in front of 50 strangers at the mall.

Trying New Things

Doing anything for the first time with a new baby is nerve-wracking — at least it is for me.

I remember having no idea how to take him grocery shopping. The first few weeks I’d suffer through Saturday or Sunday crowds so that Gus could hang out at home with his dad. That lasted about two weekends, and I decided I missed the convenience of mid-day, mid-week shopping too much. So I figured it out. Now we go every Monday, no problem.

I was afraid to take him to the mall, or out to eat. I was even nervous just taking him to other people’s houses.

But things aren’t as scary as they seem, and the older he gets the easier it is to feed him in public, or on the go. And — I hope I’m not jinxing us — he cannot resist the baby bjorn. If this kid is well fed and recently changed, I can do just about anything as long as he’s strapped in and along for the ride.

This weekend we went for Gus’ first official professional photos. I wanted to get a few family shots while we were there, so we were dressed and coordinated, and my hair was down and curled. So of course it was randomly 80 degrees, and the mall was crowded as hell.

The photo studio was running 45 minutes behind, so I was a hot, sweaty mess and Gus was less than enthused by the time we got started. You know it’s bad when Mike is the optimistic one in a scenario like that, because hot, crowded, organized photos are pretty much his worst nightmare.

In the end, we got some great pictures of Gus (and some decent photos of all if us together — god, I need to lose 30 pounds) … which I can’t show you, haha. Since Mothers Day is right around the corner, we’re keeping those under wraps until gifts are handed out (at least new babies/first grandkids make gift giving a no-brainer).

And today we went to Read & Play at our local library for the first time. Way back when we met a couple in our childbirth class who live close by, and I ran into them and their daughter last week and they recommended we check it out.

Most of the babies were a year or older, and there was a set of twins who were probably four months old. So while Gus couldn’t really clap along or dance around, he can sit up with a lot of supervision and loves to slap board books around. And he didn’t cry, or poop everywhere, and now he’s taking a nap like nobody’s business so I suspect it’ll become part of our regular schedule.

Lessons learned? This baby can probably handle more than I give him credit for, and I need to just try new things with him or I’ll never know if we can succeed.

Oh, and the next time we want family photos taken, schedule that nonsense for a Wednesday afternoon, and have Daddy come meet us on his lunch break.

He’s Getting So Big.

This week, multiple people have commented on how big he’s getting. Ladies who work at the grocery store, and see us every week. A woman at Kohl’s (who helped herself to touching his arm without asking, but I let it slide, because at least it wasn’t his face).

I don’t really see it, because I’m with him all day, every day. The little changes sort of go by unnoticed, until you look over one day and he’s sitting up by himself.

Thank god for cameras.


An Impossible Decision

My husband likes to throw random scenarios, would-you-rathers, and quick!-who-do-you-picks at me all the time.

Once he asked me to choose between Eric Northman and Sawyer from Lost. That was a tough day.

But tonight — tonight, he crossed a line.

Young Tom Hanks.
Young Steve Martin.
Young Chevy Chase.


And it’s not a would-you-rather.

I can only pick one.

After a lot of soul-searching — for me — it’s always going to be that silver fox, Steve.


Five Months

Five months ago, when all this baby did was eat and sleep, seems like ages ago. Now he wants what he wants, when he wants it, and he’s on the move a lot more by rolling and pushing and scooting around.

I can remember feeding Gus at the mall one day when he was around 8 weeks old — in the women’s lounge at Nordstrom — and there was another mom there feeding her daughter who seemed huge. I asked how old she was and she told me she was five months. I remember thinking that seemed like forever away, and he’d never be that big. I was mistaken, on both counts.


Height: I can’t find my tape measure anywhere, but I’d guess around 25ish inches? (up from 24.8 inches last month.)

Weight: I’d guess somewhere in the 14 — 14.5 range (up from 13 pounds and 2 ounces last month.)

Likes: Anything that can fit in his mouth, he loves. Anything he can rub on his face because it’s too big for his mouth, is the bees knees too. He’s sort of interested in stuffed animals, insofar as they can also go in his mouth. He’s starting to enjoy his exercauser more, and (surprise!) tries to eat whatever reaches his face.

Dislikes: Are you me, or Mike? No? Then Gus probably wants his space. A month ago he’d smile and coo his little face off no matter who was holding him, but now — about 95% of the time it’s alllll Mommy and Daddy, or there will be hell to pay.

Sleep: Still sleeping through the night like a boss, although he starts kicking, punching and flailing around 4am every night. Sometimes I can get him settled, and sometimes I just end up getting punched in the face a lot, either way he seems to sleep through it all. Naps are starting to be a little more predicable, but they still take place in my lap. Meh. That’s why god invented Netflix and library books.

Eating: A month ago my plan was to start solids around 6 months. The pediatrician said we could start whenever we were ready after 4 months, and this past week just seemed like the right time. He LOVES apples so far. He shouts at me for more as soon as I start to refill the spoon. My plan is to try a new fruit or veggie each week, and just give him a few bites, once a day. Other than that, he’s still nursing every 2ish hours when he’s awake.

Clothes: Still in his 6 month clothes, but going through two or three bibs a day thanks to the ever present drooling. We also switched to cloth diapers a few weeks ago (we did a few trial runs starting around 3 months). He still sleeps in disposables, and I keep a stash in the diaper bag, but he’s in cloth about 80% of the time, and I have enough I can make it about three days before having to wash them.

New Tricks: He’s blowing Raspberries like it’s his job (started at 19w), and making lots of new consonant sounds (D, G, M, N & R). He’s spinning and scooting around on his playmat, and we’re working on sitting up with support (oh boy, does this child want to sit up!) I think his highchair might be his new favorite place (since it lets him sit, but also there is food there). And he’s a straight up chatterbox. And sometimes if I whistle, I think he tries to sing along (and I fall on the floor dead of cuteness overload).

Nicknames: Monkey Man, Drool Factory. Every time he wakes up, I usually say, “Hey Eyeballs!” I don’t know why, I just do. I said it the other day at the doctors office when he woke up in his car seat, and the nurse sloooowly turned around and asked, “What did you name him?!”

Mommy & Daddy: After discovering the boy likes his highchair, we decided to, you know, use it. So a few days ago after I made dinner, Gus played with some toys while Mike and I ate a meal. Together! Sitting at a table! The last time that happened, I was still a weepy mess post-csection, and our moms were taking care of us. Then Gus was plagued by general baby fussiness, and dairy for a few weeks, not to mention dinner always seemed to coincide with his purple crying hour. But we made it! Five months later, and everyone gets to sit down to eat! Parenting milestone!

New Shop Item: Printable Birthday Chalkboard Signs

My friend Kristen throws more parties than anyone I’ve ever met, and she is — without a doubt — my most loyal customer.

Sometimes the things she asks me to make are so adorable, I turn right around and add them to my shop.

I’ve actually had my eye on these chalkboard-style prints for a while, and planned on making one for Gus’ birthday in the fall, so I was excited to get started when she asked me to make one for her adorable baby girl’s first birthday.




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